It's like a power hour but better

Get clarity & confidence over your brand voice, messaging & positioning

Your voice is powerful. But only if you use it.

Yet, you’re not quite sure what your voice sounds like. You struggle finding the right words to say. Or where to focus your messaging.

You have all these ideas. But as your fingers hover over the keyboard, no words spring to mind.

Whatever’s going on, I’m here to help you figure it out. The Clarity Action Plan is your chance to unravel voice, messaging, and positioning challenges.

The result? You’ll find the perfect words for building a feel-good business that you (and your customers) love.

Copywriting cheerleader in your back pocket

Booking a Clarity Action Plan is like having a cheerleader, copywriter, and messaging specialist in your back pocket.

Together, we’ll dig into your current woes or goals to craft a tangible Clarity Action Plan that drives your business forward (in the right direction).

You’ll walk away with a Notion board full of resources, your personalised Clarity Action Plan and a newfound sense of confidence in your brand voice, messaging, and positioning.

The Clarity Action Plan is kind of like a Power Hour but better. We don’t just jump on a call and discuss your problems. We solve ‘em.

It’s strategic. It’s purpose-led. It’s directional. And it gives you the answers to move forward confidently.

What you get

One hour. Overflowing with power.

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Clarity action plan


“It was great working with Tasmin”

“It was great working with Tasmin – she was very organised, communicated everything perfectly and was able to understand my problems and present solutions in a way that was easy to understand. I’m really excited to put what she’s advised into practise. Thanks Tasmin!

Replace confusion with clarity

This is your Clarity Action Plan. It’s your chance to unpick whatever messaging or copy challenges you’re facing right now. Whether you’re just starting out, changing direction, or been running your business for a while, this is your roadmap for moving forward with greater confidence and clarity.

You can use the Clarity Action Plan to…

✔️ Discover your brand tone of voice

✔️ Map out a LinkedIn content strategy

✔️ Build your personal brand

✔️ Find your “oneness”

✔️ Learn content hooks and how to use them

✔️ Solidify your brand positioning

✔️ …work on any other messaging or copywriting challenge you’re facing!

The tl;dr lowdown

Your 60-minute mastermind for finding your brand voice so you can turn heads and drive revenue with ease

It’s time to quit stalling and take action. The Clarity Action Plan gets your voice, copy and messaging challenges out of your head and turns them into tangible action. So you can fuel affinity with your target audience, build your authority, and drive revenue.

Here’s what you get:

✔️ Discovery quiz & 60-minute consultancy call

✔️ My brain, expertise & experience over your business challenges or goals

✔️ An easy-to-follow Clarity Action Plan

✔️ PLUS a Notion board containing a vault of valuable resources (call recording, workshop notes, Clarity Action Plan, any extra resources)


Yes! I want a Clarity Action Plan

Pssst.. got questions? Get in touch if you have any questions or want to see if a Clarity Action Plan is right for you


You've got questions? I have answers!

It’s kind of like a Power Hour but better. 

Power Hours are typically structured as a 60-minute call to discuss your challenge/goal and get expert insight.

In the Clarity Action Plan, we’ll do this in a workshop-style, so we can collaboratively explore your challenge or goal armed with a series of proven tools and frameworks.

Before we jump on the call, you’ll complete a Discovery quiz so we can kickstart the conversation with as much background information as possible.

Post-call, you’ll get a library full of relevant resources (including your call recording & workshop whiteboard) and a personalised Clarity Action Plan, all wrapped up in a Notion board for safekeeping.

We can cover all kinds of topics in a Clarity Action Plan.

To help you get the most out of your Clarity Action Plan, here’s an example of some topics I can help you with:

– Uncovering your brand tone of voice

– Developing your personal brand strategy

– Building out your marketing strategy

– Gaining confidence in your marketing messaging

– Developing marketing systems and processes so you can ditch the overwhelm

– Coming up with content ideas for your brand

– Realigning your brand positioning with your goals, products/services, and audience

In short, if you have a challenge related to your brand messaging, positioning, copy, or content strategy, give me a call. 

The Clarity Action Plan costs £250. This gives you:

– An initial discovery quiz

– 60-minute consultancy call delivered in a workshop-format

PLUS a Notion Board containing:

– Your Clarity Action Plan

– The recording of your call

– A copy of your workshop notes

– Any other relevant resources we discussed

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