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I always do my best to reply within 48 hours — except at weekends when I’ll likely be eating cake, exploring the wilderness, or cuddling up with my dogs.

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Gone For A Swim

Working with Tasmin has been one of the best investments I have made”

“Working with Tasmin has been one of the best investments I have made.

Tasmin really took the time to understand my business and what was important to me and took a genuine interest in my business and the industry I work in. She has helped me understand how to use social media more effectively and create a strategy for content and posting.

I feel much more confident now to create content and post regularly and have learnt so much. I’m glad I made the decision to invest in her expertise.”



Frequently Asked Questions

Being organised is my jam. I like to keep a well-managed diary so I typically book new projects and retainers 4-weeks in advance.

Need to get started sooner? Get in touch and I’m sure we can sort something out.

I can be found in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire in the UK but I work with clients worldwide. 

Working remotely means I get to work with incredible business owners, service providers, entrepreneurs, and teams in various parts of the world. From London to Vancouver, Maine, and Pasig, my content marketing and copywriting work is quite the jet-setter.

The more information you can share with me, the better. But don’t fret. I’ll let you know what information I need during our onboarding. Don’t have any information to hand? I love research. I can help you craft your strategy, build systems and figure out the why behind your content.

I appreciate that some people prefer working face-to-face. Personally, I’m a big fan of async work. It’s more productive and means I can crack on with writing rather than sitting in motorway traffic.

Plus, I can keep my prices down without having to account for lost time due to travel.

Working remotely doesn’t mean working in isolation. I have a transparent working style and will always keep you in the loop. We’ll have direct lines of communication and, if desired, can have monthly check-in calls.

I love working directly with my clients which means I’ll always be your point of call. I treat every project with the same care, attention, and enthusiasm whether it’s teeny-tiny or astronomical.

I have a small, trusted team of subcontractors who pitch in to help with bigger projects. 

Working on a teamlance model here-and-there means I have the flexibility to take on larger projects without compromising quality, expertise, or service. And you don’t have to juggle multiple freelancers at once.

You get the same shiny Fika Digital experience, just on a larger scale to suit your project.

My copywriting and content marketing rates are worked out on a project-by-project basis. 

You can find base rates on my Work With Me pages.

My rates are cost-effective and fair. I know how hard it is to grow a business from the ground up. So, I’m here to ease that pain with flexible marketing projects that can be scaled up (or down) to suit your business.